What Should We Do About Drugs And Our Friends?

An important conversation we need to have. Blog by Evelyn Masaba

Evelyn Masaba

Can we have a genuine conversation about drug addiction in Uganda? Lately you cannot attend an event or a festival without the presence of dangerous drugs being sold by someone. Sad part? These drugs are actually brought in by people with the means to import, those who manipulate their positions of power for their greed at the expense of the lives of innocent Ugandans.

Drug trafficking in Uganda has grown bigger so access to heroin, molly, ecstasy and cocaine has been made easier that so many young people looking for different a high than what they are used to have a heavy variety. One high and a good time for a night leads to trying it out the next time and the next. Slowly this grows into an addiction.

In most cases parents respond by, cutting off the financial help provided to their children after finally seeing the problem thinking…

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