Breadsticks et vino

Im telling you. I just had the most amazing breadsticks…so I lived in the moment and baptised my blog Breadsticks et Vino because I was living in the moment.

So basically I created this so I can commit to something and encourage myself to write again. I haven’t written in ages.

I went to an island for the weekend…alone..Because I find traveling alone such an experience. Plus you never have anyone in your hair. And if you want to be decadent for 2 seconds you dont have the ICC reps with you. And a low imey loner. I just love the time I spend alone. People are beautiful but they are also very draining. And they wouldn’t even know it.

So yeah at the island. I made a couple of decisions that I must follow through this year. I wont call them resolutions-thats such a long word and just listening to it keeps me off track. Did I tell you the music at the Bistro is on pooooiiinttt. I love it. See? Thats what happens when I think of resolutions.

Anyway I had to get a blog. Commit to regularly posting-read daily. Travel. And be a millionaire by December. It doesn’t seem like big steps. But uhm it is to millionaire I mean MILLIONAIRE. So on 31st December I have to have a post- made a couple bank balance looks good to me. That might be all I say depending on how that night unravels. Or I might be in my bed like I did this time and tell you how glad I am with my bank balance. We’ll see.

To a beautiful 2015 πŸ™‚



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