I had a bad day today. No like literally my worst day in a long time..no progress..nothing..I was mad at everything and everyone..I didnt even like me. I just wanted to hide somewhere where they give out wine and hugs for free. I was so mad I almost forgot everything there is to do including a meeting.
I tried to conjure up all the gratefulness in me and I just couldn’t find it.
I played Miracles…some song im really thankful for because the lyrics and instrumentals are off the chain.
So now im here with a buzz of buzzes ready to watch an episode of Parks and recreation 5 before bed so I can laugh a little before bed.
I need a laugh..and a hug..and somebody to tell me its all going to be okay. That’s all.

Aaaaaaand by the way today I tried to play the Show Me instrumental on the Xylophone. Sounds good sounds good-best part of my day. Kid ink and CB would be proud

Anna πŸ™‚


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