Okay…take 5..let’s try this again!

I am so sorry for being 300 posts in without actually introducing myself. My name is Anna Kakuba…23 years old with a need to use hyperboles in everything I say. I dont really have a nickname just that my mother and my cousins call me Nana-believe me im no one’s grandma its just a rearrangement of my first name which I happen to share with my Grandmother.

Recently I quit my job to do some soul searching and here I am on day 1 of unemployment sitting on my bed writing this blog which is one of the many things I am re committing myself to work on. Frankly im all for interesting lifestyles..art, color, good food, cute coffee shops and great music…but I feel like at 23 I still don’t know what I want out of life. I have a nice house and nice clothes and great hair and tons of great things but I still feel lost and im taking this time off to find myself.

I love fashion…and no jokes but my role model is Lauren Conrad. People will always say she has a mainstream line. I dont care. I love how she has started from the industry’s bottom and made something of herself. I want to intern at a great house or studio…learn everything and make a great career out of this. I also love numbers and see myself as the greatest auditor life has to offer. So im throwing the CV only at the places id love to be in. Because truthfully I dont want to be in a place I absolutely never had in mind and keep grumbling about it. The days of multiple complaints in more than 2 paragraphs are over.

I also love travelling which is why I want to get a weekend where I go back to my happy place, Kalangala and do a great deal of thinking. I need to meet new people…and find ways to show the ones I still love that I cherish them. I just want something new. So I’ve taken the first step. I do know the journey wont be all Toblerone and Lindt but whatever it is I find…..I am already excited and I hope you the reader will stay excited as well and feel inspired to take these kind of leaps in your life to be what and where you want to be.

To fresh starts….in the middle of the year but hey who’s counting?


Anna β™‘β™₯β™‘


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lena says:

    soo happy for you, and wish you all the best Hon, good luck on your new adventure and God bless you!


  2. Timo says:

    Finally someone leaves their comfort zone.


  3. 500verus says:

    Ana I wish you the best of luck!! ❀ Go out there and lose it! at the end of the day all it takes is guts and I'm super excited for you


  4. The ultimate goal of life should be happiness and you have to go out there to find your happiness. It doesn’t just happen outta the blue.. I pray and hope you find your heart’s desires.. Change is always good but good change is the best.. All the best Anna


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