Team No sleep but for different reasons

Honestly I have no idea why I am up at this hour…it’s almost 1am and here I am almost shouting out “Bobby Valentino” with Lil Wayne…seriously Mrs. Officer was and is still a jam. Also I dont understand why some Americans (including my very Ugandan brothers say Little Wayne-piss off please he said its LIL)

That aside today I had 4000 thoughts and for the first time I related with Mary Jane Paul when she said she needed tequila to switch her mind off so she can sleep and wake up early in the morning and be camera ready.  It’s safe to say that I always need 12000 things to happen in a day-which is something I am trying to work on but then again you can imagine my frustration when only 6 of the 12 things on my to do list were marked done today.

Bad vibes aside..what does a foodie do to solve her problems? Grab chinese food and a reasonable bottle (hey I am still trying to get that Rihanna money so…avail the break please). I love Chinese food and that restaurant at Jinja road is heaven sent because its affordable, makes great food and the aperitifs are more reasonable than the amount served at …I won’t mention names because I still love that place regardless. Anywhooo, thank God for Chinese food. Seriously I think it makes everything better…only until it takes u for that 5 hour long “nap”…which explains why I am up now singing along to Mapei and looking for what I will wear to church tomorrow.

I also just re watched 3 episodes from The Hills season 2 because I am those people that watch their fave shows till they know all the lines and soundtracks but still anticipate the drama in the next episode.  No shame in my game. Speaking of the Hills…I find it creepy that I  about 6 episodes, Brody Jenner tells Her Royal Highness Lauren Conrad that he loves it when she smiles…oldest trick in the goddamn book-i could be a handsome boy that plays basketball and uses these creepy ass lines to get girls in an alternate universe. And to think he made her cry as we progressed…The Jenner in him*sigh*

I should probably throw this tab away and make some tea and go to bed. I am starting to grumble like a 16 year old over a show that the characters dont even remember being a part of.

Good morning

Have an amazing Sunday.


Anna β™‘β™₯β™‘


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  1. Timo says:

    Hahahaha…btw something interesting happened tonight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God u guys have met already


  2. Alan Kawesa says:

    I like your writing perspective. Gotta check out that Chinese spot but The Hills!! Everything with ‘hills’ was good. Silent Hill, Hills have Eyes. But the only thing I hated with only ‘hills’ was The Hills.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha you should. The portions are great and where will you get steamed rice with sweet and sour pork at 16,000/-. Well The Hills was my show for the longest time…as well as those other hills because I love horrors as well


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