Saturday night

At the end of every day in my little house, I ask myself one question….what have I learnt today? For the last couple of days that list has had words like seam reaping, backstiches, running stitches, overlock machines, steam ironing and color coordination.

I just had a few more things to add to that list before I go to bed…and also because I have the time to elaborately write about them.
1. You can access internet services with an airtime loan. That was quite the discovery yesterday in the hot afternoon. No one could take the stairs for airtime. I can also add that I am very positive about my performance in the upcoming marathon. I know I will do great and this lesson here has no bearing on my level of fitness currently.

2. Lemon slices and mirinda fruity. I mean, why didnt anyone say anything sooner. This has go to be the best combination ever. The healthiest soft drink.

3. Sometimes when someone posts a picture of watermelons, in no way does that picture relate to BeyoncΓ©.

4.Brown is such a beautiful color. For those that need clarification on this statement which I will gladly repeat later, check out the interior decor of the cheese stores on these guys are quite something.

5. The world is certainly too small. The smallest in 2015. Everybody knows everybody. I just got the news. I share a best friend with another lovely lady. Yes she is a best friend in this triangle as well…so yeah there is that. Lucky guy that!

6. All the lessons from game night last Tuesday. That includes the charades too…I now know the difference between Wolverine and Roadrunner…so with that I think I have that Charades game on lock

7.i was probably chinese in my past life. Or maybe an exchange student that lived there and settled there and flourished in China.

8. Are we going to have a TV show for every character from Madagascar? I’d really love to see more of the Moto moto-Gloria story. Where that ended…
Wait thats not a lesson…just some short notes to be referred to later plus my version of an online petition. Apparently thats how it works for us viewers if we want something to stay on TV…everything is so complicated.

9 . simplicity is the mother of class. I don’t think anyone has said that…or I have paraphrased something from Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent…anyway…just use this whenever you have to make any life choices and dresses.

10. Social acceptance doesn’t pay bills.

I should go to bed now




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