Hello there

I hope you are okay and praying for those in New Delhi and most  especially Andra Pradesh

Well, I am just a young Ugandan and just like some of you I got my first national ID a few weeks ago, so yeah…I guess it’s real-I am as Ugandan as they come. Just one that rightly had her Rice Krispies with a tablespoon of self righteousness today. It is advisable to do that once in a while for sanity’s sake while you still reside on this planet.

Now someone please help me understand why nude pictures made page 1 for some newspapers, page 5 for some, page 12, 13,14 to page 17 and a 10 page feature-a free copy you get along with the newspaper. Everyone wants to talk about them, closely follow up on developments,  I mean what else screams “follow up” like the email going around showing termination of employment. There’s an opinion here and there about the difference in how she looks and that and what she should and shouldnt do and what not. The email, guys….I mean we also had an email. Seriously??? Is that thing even real?

Look someone made the worst mistake and sent out these things to a couple of people…just to be spiteful and all sorts of distasteful adjectives. These went to millions of people…thanks 10 page feature free copy.  This person, the forefather of all actions vile and despicable is also responsible for degradation of someone else as well as a decent contribution to on going moral erosion. This is obviously private property. People can always choose to do what they want before thinking thrice of the repercussions as the alleged email requires all current and prospective employees. That is not to mean that you disabuse yourselves of the protection you get from that little self preservation still left. But if you have to, if you really, really, really have to, I suggest you be smart about the storage of this kind of stuff.

So I ask again, what is the importance of this development in someone’s life to us? Why is this in a newspaper-she was born in “94..I mean, come on now! She is a student, life couldn’t be tougher than it already is. We just had to have her life in a newspaper for the masses to remain affixed to trivia.

Can we just step back a little bit and take that other route where nothing about this is worth a talk show, 497389 retweets and 2342 new followers? Is it possible that maybe we have been binge eating garbage for a while now and need to detoxify for a while.  I think it’s about time.

Stay gold



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