Kampala Restaurant week means a number of things to me. 1. Check out new cuisines. 2. Avoid the restaurants you have been to already…theyre good and all but i’d like to think the visits are regular so I dont really see the point. I can always rate them anyway without going there. 3. Find new places I can spend my me-time at. 4.the food is relatively cheaper so…who’d pass on that? 5…..I dont really have a 5th reason yet.

So I walk into Yujo today at 12 57pm, restaurant not ready to receive anybody, someone’s mopping here and there and someone’s cleaning tables and the ground is a little wet-i needed another place to dine. Can’t blame them, they open at midday. I had to ask about their working hours because i was already starting to make a face…like…listen guys KRW started yesterday, dont ruin this.

I have had the pleasure of eating Japanese food once in my life (hey college days) so when I saw there was a Japanese restaurant in KRW I didnt even have to wait for calls and assumed dates. In fact I came here alone to have an unbiased opinion on Japanese food and also because I think id like to relax here over the weekend after a long week of work and draining interactions.


Before I go any further, shout out to Google maps for ensuring I get  to some of these places. Thank you homie, I never saw how important you were here but now I have nothing but respect.

My order? a casual meal and a signature meal and white wine-my assortment of food is all white meat incidentally. The second waitress working with me here is a gem. An absolute gem. She, first of all smiles, she doesnt mind me asking silly questions and answering them myself, she is calm and she also came back with a better choice of white wine that what was previously ordered. She also breaks bad news with a smile.she told me some meals were out of stock and I didnt wince or protest-but I mean, it’s on the menu sooo the least…never mind. She also knows I dont drink beer. She asks me if I want my free Castle lite twice but I love her heart so I just have to just go through the whole beer ‘thing’.

First I had the house salad. I am only a salad person if the dressing is great. The chef obviously had a three year culinary course on salad dressing alone. He had a thesis, Jamie Oliver was obviously his supervisor and best friend… the whole shooting lot. The dressing had balanced flavours of ginger and onion and I dont know if that was vinaigrette in there…none of the flavors outdid the other. He could patent that stuff and I wouldnt protest. I could also have a Kardashian moment and have this dressing as a beverage.


The Miso soup which was free by the way was also beautifully done. An hour into this place and I feel healthy already. I mean if I can eat like this everyday of my life. The miso soup was also reported by BBC in 2003 to lower the risk of breast cancer in women-fun fact whaaat??? In between trying to remember Japanese eating customs and actually carrying the bowl as I eat, I am also very happy that the bowls are light to support my efforts.

I love the peace and quiet here. Yes there are a few people here and some do remind me of Bertha Mason but it is still a calm place. I love it here already.

The Caviar Crunch roll and the Chicken Yakitori don are served perfectly. The caviar crunch roll is simply garnished with pickled ginger aka Gari and wasabi. Presentation on point. The chicken yakitori is served with white vegetable rice cooked to perfection.  The chicken still has a little crunch left, perfectly brown and healthy enough for me to indulge in numerous times.

The Caviar Crunch roll in all its greatness


Below is the Chicken Yakitori don


I was also happy with the lighting of the dining area. The zakishi style seating also was an option I didnt think twice about. I mean get your shoes off before we eat-that is the new tradition in my house. I just feel the hygiene levels go right up right now. Im all for the little decor, like the serviette holder and the little cute pots with soy sauce. I am also happy with the Pearl Guide magazine showing us all these restaurants and what we should expect. It is beautifully edited, the reviews are helpful and a fun read, it is colorful as it should be but not tacky. I am happy that the menu is separately documented with enough details just to also keep the reader excited and ready to use google maps.


I had a good time here. I rate this restaurant 8/10. All in all Gochisousama deshita

Please go check them out during this Kampala Restaurant week….and other days of course. You won’t be disappointed





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Timo says:

    I could literally eat the photos off the screen.


    1. Lol young man are you not in the land of this stuff at half price???


  2. Had the Chicken Yakitori Don a few years ago and it was to die for. Definitely visiting Yujo this week! Great post Anna!


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