First I’d like to apologise for posting about brunch at an ungodly hour but I’m so bloated and I never thought that cutting all my hair off was a decade long affair. My personal issues do not interest you I suppose and so I apologise again but it’s my blog sooo..

I have been to Prunes a number of times. I love their steak, I love the swing. I love the interior decor. In short, its my kind of place. I love this place. I know I said Restaurant week was about places I have never been to but Prunes is just not any other place to me. Plus who misses brunch…

Get to the point already-Anna. Mimosa Brunch at Prunes. What do I think about Mimosas??? The same thing I think about Shandies and the mixture of Coca Cola with vodka or whiskey. Mixing juice and champagne is not exactly something I am crazy about. Champagne also isnt my thing anyway. Im pretty sure I’d make a great job popping bottles for Formula 1 winners and ensuring it all pours out. The Mimosas were in plenty. Im sure I was guest 146 but even I got a free Mimosa. I also didnt order for a second Mimosa. I cant judge the Mimosas but id like to say that I was happy they managed to keep the droves of people happy with these Mimosas. After all its a Mimosa brunch.

Before I get into anything else. I appreciate the fact that these guys actually put in some effort to ensure everything was ready. The waitresses, waiters and everyone else thatย  needed to run around did so withoutย  making a face. I will admit I am an annoying customer. I can ask you to move back and forth for every small thing and if you make a face, I make a face and then we can have a face fight.

I settled for the Sangria. Well the first Sangria I was given had the remains of fruit settled at the bottom. I can promise you the first thing that came to my head was the definition of Filtration and Decantation. I won’t lie I was out of it. I explained this to the first waiter who told me it was just fruit from the fruit juice. I had an “Excuse me Mr. Man” face but still he didn’t get it. Thank God for Ghada the beautiful manager that was on her feet the whole time. She rescued me and got me a proper Sangria.


I ordered for the Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon bun with sunny side up eggs on top. This is served with mixed lemon dill dressing and hash browns. The hash browns were literally the harshest. I think McDonald’s needs to just hook Ugandan cafรฉs with the recipe. Please guys, I almost had my teeth out with those things. Attacking the second hash brown was not an option. I didn’t like those one bit. I however loved loved loved the salmon and creamy cheese, the eggs were done to my specifications. The vegetables and salmon were so fresh and so clean clean. No there wasnt even a speck of brown. I asked for salad dressing. First I got the one with honey and vinegar. The honey was more extra than Cam from Modern Family. Safe to say the next time I have a salad there, I will be specific about the Sweet chilli dressing. Its a humble dressing. It is nice…but hardly lacks the character the one at Yujo has. Well I will also just go back for my usual steak and potatoes.ย  I wasnt really that wowed by the food.


I have to add I made 3 new friends, Frankie, Frank and Julius. Most scintillating conversation you could have in this life. Frankie plays the guitar and sings too-did a Jack Johnson number whose title is currently skipping my mind. Frank and Julius are some enterprising individuals with an obvious affection for Formula 1 and everything Not Basic. Having made my acquaintance with Ghada, I was given a muffin. The set up looked beautiful. The pastries looked really good. Im not a cinnamon or baked carrots person but the guys thought it was ok. Well the pastries look delicious. I will be sure to get me some chocolate muffins next time.


I’d love to thank Kelvin from Nederberg wines for my Cabernet Sauvignon, shirt and wine tasting guide. I will definitely make it for the wine tasting next week. That was such an amazing gesture. The Pearl Guide staff on ground was also very proactive chipping in here and there and interacting with the crowd which wasnt a small one. I mean this is the first place I’ve been to that had a full house. Food and drinks were served swiftly-with the help of the Pearl Guide team. I mean they could choose to sit back and chill out but they humbly did their best, I believe this was counted as a success for them.


I am going to rate them a 6/10. This is based on the events from today. I had to put that little disclaimer because this place is still one of my favourite places in town but I will not use bias to rate them today. I believe in a better meal like their tag line says.


Have an amazing week guys and those with kids…well Prunes has this program for kids to learn how to bake so go check that out real quick.




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