Happy heroes day everyone. I hope you all had a restful holiday. I spent my day going through umpteen articles I bookmarked last week. I have never been more grateful for technological advancements in the phone world.

I decided to go to Seven seas today with my friend and photographer of the year Brian. Seriously I think he takes the most beautiful photos you should check his tumblr out Wahkeemsphotos.tumblr.com


Seven seas is located on the ground floor at Sheraton Hotel serving a variety of sea food. It has got exquisite decor I must say. The ceiling has the sky painted-it looks so real and below is a set up of ships and ice in which various crustaceans are buried. Boy you should see how huge those king prawns and lobsters are. Whoever did their decor deserves an accolade for the tremendous work done.



First thing we asked about when we strolled in all looking like a holiday is the Kampala Restaurant week.  Usually other restaurants have showed a considerable amount of excitement but not these guys. It’s about 4 30pm and we’re told to wait till 6 30pm. That is not the blow by the way. This particular restaurant is not serving Nederberg wines despite the goddamn cellar of Nederberg brands laid at the entrance. In fact the waiter adds that Restaurant week or not, they do not serve their wines. I do not know if thats them being fancy or they have genuine interests elsewhere


Automatically Brian and I are already geared for an evening of soft drinks. We came here to try sea food at a give away price so we sit patiently and wait as we talk about everything from family to the EU to TV shows. Its safe to say we have inflammed voice boxes at this point. I twisted and turned so many times the next best activity was to walk to Speke hotel just below to buy airtime.

Time check: 6 30pm. No waiter in sight. Please be advised that this post is an abridged version of what really happened. The first waiter was most irritated im sure he has left for the day. This was a proper “Every man for himself and God for us all” moment. Since we had no one to help us with menus and the food I had to make my way to the kitchen to speak to the chefs-the only other staff I can see around here. It’s 6 48pm and I’m not sure if we will eat here or someone is gathering the courage to let us know that we can always visit some other time.

Another waiter jumps in from the blue to save the day. Pleasant young man who educates us on the importance of the fish knife. Im not sure I heard much of it but…good stuff. He knows his cutlery. I on the other hand need food in my life. Brian has resigned to letting the universe decide. Finally we get the menus and also a new table seeing as I had 6 mosquito bites at the current location.


I ordered the assiette of sea food with exotic flavors and Brian orders the classic beef tenderloin with a foie gras and crumb. We are hungry as they come by the way but we won’t act up because we wouldnt want black people to be misrepresented.  We have now reached the point where you say a little prayer in high hopes of receiving this food much faster. I can assure you even winter came earlier than our orders and still Jon Snow knew nothing.

At this point the only consolation we have is the anticipation to have the kind of portions that require a doggy bag. We are sure we are getting each and everything in the Indian and Atlantic ocean combined. For sure Brian is about to get a whole cow. So with these consolations, we have decided to give them a grace period of another 27 days to serve this meal.

Finally, the food is here and the 5 year old in me wants to ask if there is more food on the way. I just saw the assortment of sea food in that ice thats only about 10 feet away so I was a little confused by what was in front of me. Im sorry but I feel cheated. I am also still very confused by what has been served.

The poached lobster is actually little fragments sprinkled over what I think is guacamole. Exotic flavours whaaaaat? The tiniest prawn spring roll. Grilled salmon atop tomato salsa. Pumpkin and carrot paste. Let’s get one thing out of the way,  the food tasted excellent. I had my meal in under 7 minutes and Brian had his in just about the same time. The stretch of 7 minutes is because we are now civilised people with social graces and responsibility to our families and selves to show common decency at the table. Short of that, this would probably be a 2 minute affair.

The assiette of seafood


The beef tenderloin


The interesting thing is this whole time we had no napkins. At the end of the meal is when we received napkins. At this point I need a hot towel but that is an option for later when I have nothing else to do but advise that I used my fingers to eat the spring roll.

I have never been more speechless in my life. Brian and I planned on going to Saffron just before game night to supplement the meal. I dont have it in me to remember the president of Brazil on an empty stomach. That also didnt work out because on top of everything else, the bill presented to us was erroneous and had to be reprinted. We paid up so fast and waited for another 10 for our change. As we prepare to leave and never look back we are stopped by someone we didnt see all evening to give back the excess change of 7000/- given to us in error.

I am sorry but I think the menu promises more than what is delivered. I am not sure these guys wanted to be a part of restaurant week. Maybe it was just a bad day for everyone…I just do not know what that was all about.

I am disappointed with the service. Its a 3/10 for me. I love seafood but if this is what landlocked countries go through for sea food then I think tilapia is good enough for now. The portions were a joke to me. If you need to know what an assortment of sea food is then look up the Grill and curry bowl. Those guys know what an assortment should look like.

Seven seas-there’s always a next time. Do better.




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  1. ItsMaya_Bee says:

    I don’t think it was just a bad day for everyone. I have been to Seven seas twice and the service is always terrible, oooh I don’t understand the deal with with never providing napkins.


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