Sarah Jessica Parker For Jordache

I just watched Project Runway and SJP needed something for her line.



Hello Loves,

Hope you are doing great. Its a cold Sunday evening after the heavy rain, am sitting here watching TV with one of my fave people while going through In Style Online (i always multi task when am watching TV, its crazy). Anyway am here looking at Sarah Jessica Parkerโ€™s campaign pictures for Jordache and Wow, she is banging in these jeans.

Itโ€™s hard to quantify the love i have for Sarah Jessica Parker, right from the first episode of Sex and the City as Carrie (i have got mad love for this show, i have re-watched over ten times if i may say). She is one of my fave fashion icons, always strutting the heels and her fashion line is incredible.

Iย credit this mother of three with pushing us to expand our style boundaries. By her example, we learned to clash our patterns, splurge on a gorgeous handbagโ€ฆ

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