Growth…take 1

#np Wanna Be Cool- Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, Big Sean, Kyle, Jeremih


I love that song for no particular reason really. Its just one of those songs I find very calming. Plus Big Sean’s verse is what you cool kids call “fire”. I have been on the shortest leave from this blog because-life. I have decided to give a reason even I don’t believe in because the current issue with people my age is we do not have time for 6000 word stories.

That aside, I will just leave a gentle reminder for myself and whoever needs to be remided about growth.

I consider myself a risk taker. A taker of risks-very obvious I know. The casualness with which these words are thrown around is not the same fashion in which the actions are styled. The thrill of knowing you are on a path to greatness but with the least confidence from people and statistics. I don’t ever want to water down my experience that is life to a statistic. 1 in 5 people do that. 1 in 7 people does this. 3 in 8 women have that and 4 in 7 people die from that other thing. I am not part of the sample to begin with so I will take in that information with a spoonful of reservation.  Must everything be so limiting.

I woke up today feeling the same kind of grateful I felt when I woke up in my own house for the first time. Technically, girls in my culture can only move out when they’re getting married. I already have some issues with the institution that is marriage but thats for later. I am not starting an activist rant on moving out. I am just a little uncomfortable with safety nets now. I guess its the right time to hate safety nets right? So I can go out into the world and find myself or whatever people do when “they go out into the world”.
Knowing you can wake up and find the best breakfast of your life, eat and drink to your heart’s content while you flip through movie channels till you settle for The Sentinel-great movie btw to watch during breakfast. I just had to do more with my life.

I decided to set up my little office in my living room and made an investment in all things fashion this week. I got threads, pattern drafting paper, tracing wheel, screw drivers, scissors, seam rippers, , magazines, material, needles, colored pencils, sketchpads, downloaded look books, opened an account with Aristoc. I am really going Victory Ford on this. I have been learning how to sew im really happy how much I have learnt in the shortest time possible. Someone very important said theyre impressed with my work. The experience has been draining because I never thought it would be this pricey but id pay whatever for a dream. The sketches are coming out nicely. It’s all coming together and I couldnt be happier.


Some days my dinner is a big bowl of fruit and yoghurt. Some days it will just be a glass of wine or 5. Some days it will be a Bistro meal. Some days well-a rolex will do. Speaking of which, I had the best rolex of my life a few weeks ago. I wanted to just go back to the guy and get another 5 of those but you know…1 in 5 women deal with cholesterol issues and all that. No really-i wasn’t going to head back to Ntinda at 10pm. For those reading and wondering what a rolex is-well it is a chapatti with eggs. The end. Please note that Uganda is also very progressive, despite reports. We have people wearing the Rolex you know so well. And when they’re not wearing that its Tag Heure…or Fossil. My point is its just a naming thing. But we do know what Rolex is so…don’t judge us harshly yet.
I may not have the same food experience I had back at my dad’s but this is my achievement.  I can put food on my table. I was a little oblivious to the cost of living in this country. You know when people lament about lacking a coin and you’re thinking “I hear you man”. Not the same thought I had when my dad lamented-because all I expected then was the heavenly father sending my daily bread through my earthly father.

Food is only a sixteenth of my growth. You know when someone tells you “a year older, a year wiser” on your birthday? Well I have been wisest this year. I chose to. I know I will grab 2 bottles of the most glorious white wine and will drink that to the year’s greatness.

#np How I want ya- Thames, Dev β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ (for the love of Grey’s Anatomy soundtracks-this song will be on repeat on New Year’s Eve)

This post lacks the structure you may have wished for but …I just needed a place to write.

Have a beautiful day πŸ™‚




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  1. 500verus says:

    this was really nice to read… especially considering the fact that I am at the exact point in my life. And sewing… Girl I will hala when I buy my machine!!


  2. This was such a refreshing read! You always have a way of putting things so lightly… PS. You moved out? wululululu!!! Firstly, where is my invitation? And secondly, that’s such a bold step!!! I want to go back home every dayyyy!!! Safety is soooo inviting (also so boring)!!! Proud of you nyabo. I need to hear more about these adventures? Wine date?


  3. ItsMaya_Bee says:

    Such a refreshing read Anna. The sewing….guurrlll I envy you right now (that’s one of my dreams).


    1. Thanks Maya. Work on it already.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Tracy says:

    I will be honest, your writing……*sigh*…..fancy a mind date? Heheheheheheheeheh…interesting post Anna!


  5. eSi says:

    I love your writing style. And rolex. And Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment. So I could literally read your posts all day. πŸ™‚


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