When they just won’t grow up so fast

#np New York- Paloma Faith β™₯β™‘β™₯ Yesterday I traversed the internet randomly looking through blogs and various articles and I perused through an article on the nurturing roles of women in society. It was a pretty good read until this PhD student identified the importance of mothering husbands. Thats when I switched off! For one … Continue reading When they just won’t grow up so fast


Growth…take 2

I have an issue with writer's block. Not because im highly uninspired to write ...I want to write,..I have written in every little space, im out of stick ons, I write at the back of my sketchbook but its just like that time you take 30 selfies and only the 26th one is decent enough. … Continue reading Growth…take 2

Taking Stock 1

Just the other day I was talking about my lethargy in regards to finishing this post with Liz ( 3rdculturechic.com ) and Maya ( itsmayabee.com ). They've already taken stock and I love it. So while I laze around I might as well complete mine Making: Lemon tea. I have a cold now. Stupid weather. … Continue reading Taking Stock 1