Taking Stock 1


Just the other day I was talking about my lethargy in regards to finishing this post with Liz ( 3rdculturechic.com ) and Maya ( itsmayabee.com ). They’ve already taken stock and I love it. So while I laze around I might as well complete mine

Making: Lemon tea. I have a cold now. Stupid weather.

Eating: Bounty. Someone was nice enough to get me chocolate on Tuesday night. But im only eating this on Saturday morning. I refuse to be bothered.

Drinking: Nero’s Executive Still Water that I came with from Galileo. Super dehydrated right now.

Reading: yesterday’s Daily Nation copy. The headline was so hilarious. Parents and clerics cant be the only people alarmed by teenage sex. I am not a parent but I will give you that lecture if you even try.

Wanting: to swim because the sun is out, the pool is empty but its so bloody cold.

Playing: with my rings. I got one from the sale at Tamarai last Saturday.Β  Love love love it.

Wasting: my Saturday morning in bed yet I need toΒ  check out 300 places in Nairobi today. I asked for adventure…I need to go through with it

Creating: my collection.Β  I sketch everyday because…details change. Still have a problem finding fabric in Uganda.

On that note…

still Waiting: for my quote from Mood Fabrics LA but my best friend, S, is probably still senior life eating instead of going there.

Wishing: I could buy an apartment in Bangalore this year. My craving for Indian culture is also beyond me.

Loving: how Kenyans are so fashion forward. Feel so inspired.

Hoping: this cold is gone in the next hour. I have a meat fest later today I dont need this ruining it for me.

Smelling: Burberry The Weekend. My favourite.

Wearing:A shirt and socks and trying not to think about sliding on the tiles, a hobby I am about to add to my CV.

Noticing: that I have a tan line on my wrist. I love Michael Kors but I hate tan lines.

Following: Paris in 4 months. Beautiful blog.

Listening: to Maria Roza by Eddy Kenzo. I love this song. Maria Rozaaaa yegwe gwendowooza, Mariaaaaa *dancing on the bed because the floor is too cold*

Needing: to give Kakuru and Nurse(Patrick) a big fat kiss. My boys graduated yesterday. So proud. Very happy for the gift of friendship

Feeling:Blessed *Riley Curry voice*

Bookmarking: nothing. My list of things to be read is starting to overwhelm me. I don’t know why I eHoard.

Looking:forward to more Friday nights at Galileo.Β  I love the music. And people are so respectful. They actually ask to dance with people.
Knowing: that He is Lord and I should remain still. Also that I don’t have goals anymore, just a list of some things that need to get done-period.

Giggling at this site that guesses your age and sex when you upload a selfie. 3 months ago I was 21, now I’m 20. I love how these guys think. I now have proof to back up deception in the near future

Stay gold




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