Growth…take 2

I have an issue with writer’s block. Not because im highly uninspired to write …I want to write,..I have written in every little space, im out of stick ons, I write at the back of my sketchbook but its just like that time you take 30 selfies and only the 26th one is decent enough. Then you still don’t like it….you know how that story goes

I have had 2000 things happening at the same time that have left me drained, confused and the worst person to speak to over the last few days. So I thought id take some steps to simple living. I have read so much material about living simply, it obviously became the only answer to my restlessness. I have been sleeping poorly which has brought on 3am snacking and watching Family Guy till 5 in the morning then return to bed at 5 30 and then float through the day. I have had enough junk food to last me another 6 years so im happy with my fruit cleanse and the fact that I bought so much water today and I’m definitely working on drinking more water. I actually have a no gin for a month rule going on…so far so good-might make it 2 months. I have another 2 weeks before I start at my dream job. If you need a tax guy….let me be your tax guy. I have had to limit my communication because I feel like I just don’t need to speak…silence has never been more golden right now.

All this while, life keeps happening, the earth keeps rotating and Harvey Specter keeps winning at life-even with panic attacks.

So why not live simply?

Basically to live simply is to first of all identify what is useful and what’s not…noting the difference and doing something about it. That time when you actually take proper stock and ask yourself the hardest questions and tell yourself the hard truth.

As a person living on my own, I have managed to work on one habit- hoarding. I now have a problem going into places that dont use minimalistic principals…I mean why do you have 3 sugar bowls and two are empty and dont even look nice.

Living light…I mean that is an ultimate destination for me. In every sense. Haven’t you met light people, spoke to them and low key feel jealous? The thing about putting all the clutter away to make space for new things I guess. Like that fresh page in a sketchbook-makes you feel like nothing else matters but that fresh start.

I am learning how to say no to some “rather exciting programs” as well because sometimes….truthfully, you show up to these things and leave thinking…”Why did I even come to this thing?”. I don’t want that to be among the 900 things coming up in my head after an event…so when I see such coming..I say no to that-and save some money.

I saved for my trip to Nairobi and had a ball while I was there. That was much needed. I felt so suffocated a few weeks ago and I needed some air. So I had a semi impromptu trip(I was planning to go but I was lazy about setting a date) in the coldest season and went to get that much needed fresh air. Silly thing to note: while I was in Nairobi I made my brother take me to most of the places in town that Sharon Mundia speaks of on her blog (the things I do as a fan) and my brother just couldnt understand what that excitement was all about. I got 20,000 ideas from Nairobi-working on one with my friend Alex, will keep you guys posted when we work out the logistics and all.

Good stuff aside, I think I watch too many shows-because im not going to sit and text all day. I have been binge watching stuff and reading less so im looking for reading challenges on Pinterest so I can feed my brain with more information than Olivia Pope and Will McAvoy dispense.i have to start that tomorrow so anyone with Reading challenges…please hook me up. Plus I need to become part of a club that gets things done. So my days of being a couch potato over the weekend are put to an end.

Finally I am most thankful for the gift of friendship. And by that I mean shout out to Alex for just hanging around even when im being an idiot sometimes. He just doesnt care-after all the madness, we have each other and some breadsticks and vino and tea.


Feeling like Serena tonight.

Have a golden week-kindly recommend amazing books please!





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  1. This felt like I was just sitting there and you were telling me the story. About hoarding so true we all need some space to think and space to create for new stuff.. Alex thanks for being that true friend


  2. eSi says:

    Any Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie you happen to get your hands on…I just finished Purple Hibiscus.
    Also! Jodi Picoult. Her books are endless! I love that the story isnt to quick to end…:)


    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Currently im reading Her Husband’s Crown by Katherine Namuddu. So far so good


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