High tea at Tamarai Thai Restaurant

For people that appreciate the masterpiece that is Downton Abbey and will join in petitioning for Maggie Smith as president of the free world. For those who swear by one too many gods to switch to a better lifestyle with more legit plans, High Tea at Tamarai is definitely one of those things you need to check off your to do list every first Saturday of the month.

I’m sorry I will not involve any pictorial evidence of my attendance for this post because its better we catch up on some extra Britishness over a read, tea and crumpets.

Since childhood, we have all been forced to embrace the tea culture. Thank you colonial times even though once in a while you meet the defiant lot that live and breathe coffee. It is also much easier for the Chinese to sell us Halle Berry bod dreams with their strange teas because ours is largely a tea culture. Whether it works or not is a story for another day.

Like you ultra cool kids say these days, tea is life. Personally I love jasmine, peppermint,  strawberry, raspberry and peach teas. Yeah I think thats about it.

At Tamarai-the list of teas is longer than my arm meaning you’re spoilt for choice. With an Asian twist to things, they offer a range of teas from Dilmah, a Sri Lankan company that obviously takes their job all too seriously because a cup of peppermint and cinnamon just sorted my creeping hangover out. I literally want to hug my box of tea. Nobody likes a hangover that wont be clear about its intentions. Need I speak about the assortment of sweet and savoury snacks that the chef so beautifully presents. The kind of snacks that make you want to defy Lady Grantham’s forever unsolicited advice and turn yourself into a food thief.

That aside, shopping in Kampala for tea can prove to be one of the most difficult activities-and I speak for myself here because most tea out there lacks a balance between the scent and taste as they suggest in pretty font on their pretty packaging material. Twinnings is probably the only brand I know that tries to match this.

This is to let you know that this wont be an issue anymore. Heaven is closer than you expected. I got 3 teas that is Fragrant Jasmine Green tea(warm), peppermint leaves with ceylon cinnamon(warm) and Lively Lemon and Orange Fusion(iced) to try and so far so good. Im literally going  through my day on this. I dont even mind that Trainwreck will only be in cinemas on the 14th. Nope. As cool as a cucumber. Must be the jasmine.

As you all know tea solves every problem in the world. Are you fatigued,  do you want to fire shots at someone but in a subliminal and less savage way, do you want to lose weight, do you need help with hypertension,  did your child fail to get aggregate 4, do you need Olivia Pope to have a straight face for a full episode, does your crush respond to your texts after 3 Christmases, do you feel lost without Derrick Shepherd, does the creditor have your whatsapp number, lose all that helplessness and get yourself some tea.


So next time before you head over to Daniella Whine the salary away, pass by Tamarai and ask for Mr. Kaiwan. Allow yourself to be schooled about the world of tea. Learn something new


Have an amazing week

God bless you guys




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