Tuesday night things!

After a long day at work, nothing beats watching an underwhelming show such as I am Cait while I wait for better things. For starters I have a cold-something that always happens when im in Nairobi. That’s a statement I will edit the next time this happens because it’s now boring and I don’t want to ask the universe to hand me lemons literally everytime I step foot in this place. I am also waiting for someone to take me to a drug store that will give me some kick ass medicine so I don’t have to go back home with this cold. I seriously had to let the immigration guy know that I just had a common cold and nothing else. Energy I didnt plan on wasting on a Sunday morning.

That aside- I haven’t written in a while because in between 16 year old decisions, avoiding the Trainwreck life, working on my spirituality, decluttering, and working an 8 to 5-i am living. I am doing only that that makes my soul happy and have complained the least in this period- I think. I just feel lighter and now I have an accountability partner (“Kayks Kardashian” Kakuru)-so you know…I either get stuff done or have some near death excuses to substantiate failure-which is never the plan if you dream about Harvey Specter every night.

Anyway so today I thought id share some inspiration

5 blogs I need everyday that I hope will inspire you as well.

1. Paris in 4 months: I’d love to live, marry, have babies, grow old in Paris. I think thats the most beautiful city in the world. One of the things I need to get done in this lifetime is to buy a small flat over there. It has to happen. Anyway this blog has the most beautiful pictures of the city, events in and around France and the rest of Europe but mostly Paris. Very breathtaking and some of the things people do in these pictures are the most beautiful things ever. Like gathering everyone to have a few bottles of wine on a rooftop. That doesnt even cost a fortune.



Image source: the screenshot life

2. Career Girl Daily: every morning as I move to work.Β  First I check my email then rush to my Bloglovin app. The day I got this app was probably the day God was happiest with this world because I felt it. I found this blog on Bloglovin. If you need a great kick start for the day I think this is the blog you need.Β  From stories about boss chics and anything there is out there for you to be on your A game daily to simple make up tips, phone tips and Saturday things to do-its the perfect blog for someone who wants to be better than they were yesterday.



Image source: the screenshot life part 2

3. This Is Ess: I was talking to my friend Brian this morning and he asked me about the progress of my project #FindingEss. Let’s say – that isnt working out as I had planned. I think God knows the day it happens I may not sleep for a week or two and so to keep me from the mess that comes with sleep deprivation he keeps her in tucked away places in this city-a city whose streets confuse me all the time. My cuckoo-ness aside, I think this girl is inspiring in every sense of the word. Following her blog, its a mix of hardwork, teamwork and the ability to take opportunities by the balls and give everything 100%. Plus she really is very pretty.



Image source: Pinterest
Just look at her…

4. Bossbabe: okay you probably need to subscribe and pay for that as well which is not pricey btw but when I got my credit card, some of these things were not part of the plan so I check this blog out through Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.Β  I know im missing a ton of stuff but thats a concern for another day. I love the banging quotes. Something you can quickly look at when you have a short break and can’t delve into long essays. Which sometimes…most times for me.. is more effective than knowing how someone got through some shit. It’s more than pictures by the way but thats why you need to see for yourself



Image source: Pinterest

5. The Blonde Salad: probably my favourite fashion blog right now. The first time I saw Chiara Ferragni was on Project Runway where she was a guest judge. Beautiful hair, an Italian English accent and some poise I had to find out what she is about and her story is just beautiful. Amazing team, great vision for her blog and a simple blog lay out concept and determination is what makes the Blonde salad worth the time. Let’s just be real, let’s just be honest-I think im just in love with people that have the least to say.



I hope you find these blogs inspiring

Off to the latest dinner in life.

Good night and stay gold




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  1. yvonne says:

    Your posts are always refreshing!! I already follow half the blogs you mentioned, Paris in four months is like a window into a magic world love it!! I think I will have to join you on the project finding ess, like real stalkers hehe

    Liked by 1 person

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