The truth is…

1. Quality over quantity
Rule of thumb guys. It doesn’t matter how many likes you get, how many people built camps in your DMs, how many shout outs you get in a day, how many people actually worship the ground you walk on, if at the end of the day, this same crowd can’t see right through you, see your pain and actually dig you out of it.

2.Individuality is fast becoming a myth.
Don’t fret-it’s my observation. The need to scamper for fame over extreme trivialities coupled with a lack of taste for being at peace with one self is becoming a thing. It is very possible to find 4000 people with the same distateful diction, a foul character, and crassness beyond words-its like cloning, but the one the world is okay with.


Image from Google.

3.The grand scheme of things doesn’t cross the mind much.
The care free living with a spoonful of callousness, the irreprehensible code of conduct we happily live by, the obliviousness to any sort of result for our actions unless of course it’s as serious as death, the ability to separate ourselves from the good old values instilled in us by our parents…to what end

4.If we aren’t anxious, we are depressed.  If we aren’t depressed, we are anxious.
There is such a thing as a quarter life crisis. Yes. Believe me when I tell you that depression and anxiety is much more concentrated in the group between the age of 20 and 45. With all these shit standards set by a bunch of irrelevant people, the mind can only help but be restless. You have to look amazing, you have to get 35k followers, you aren’t breathing right, you certainly aren’t drinking the right brandy, you should keep up with our hypersexualised world, oh darling you are super sensitive, you shouldn’t be a high achiever like that-turn it down a notch, you should try my God I think he is much better, you don’t listen to rap music enough-keep up, no now its a house music thing-adjust please, you aren’t hating on the right people-add this guy to your list please.

Suffering Christ

I deleted my Instagram account the other day because I felt like inadvertently I had to compare myself with pictures sans a story. I also think it provides for a sense of self exaltation which I find very unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, I think its a great app and all and all you hunnies keep slaying and whatever you cool kids call it.

5. You never stopped having a choice…
You can choose to free yourself from social conditioning. It’s not a one night affair that I can tell you. But you’re resilience to do better and find real fulfilment is also a choice you have to make on your own.
At the end of the day, if it doesn’t delight your soul then it was all for nothing. The quality of your life largely depends on you.
At the end of the day, choose to be free and live light

Stay gold,



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  1. timobza says:

    Good stuff…quality over quantity any day.


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