When you decide to understand how the real world works…

#np Midnight City- M83 This post is a result of a conversation I had with my feisty little niece called Sheena on Saturday night. Well the conversation had other parties; her mother, my daddy and her brother Kieran. Now we all know what ka shine-o is. Yeah-when your face is as oily as shellfish. Her … Continue reading When you decide to understand how the real world works…


#UgBlogWeek – Day 2 – What have we become?

Futures Past

You’re fresh off the shelves of Uganda’s education system. Not the one that is advertised in those African rankings about universities. I mean the actual education system. The ones where graduates can’t construct proper sentences. The ones where a graduate can’t even pronounce or spell certain English words. The ones that they struggle so much to join and end up pulling legs and arms to pay the obscene tuition fees. The ones you are proud to be out of but confused about what the future holds for you. The kind of education you vow to never let your child go through. If you’re lucky, it is the kind of education that comes from a ‘good university’. Do we still have those in Uganda? The ones that advertise the names of students who have been admitted and after a lengthy strenuous couple of years, you walk out on the final day…

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Prints With A Dash Of 50’s

Fashion inspiration: itsmayabee.com



You can’t think of 50’s fashion without thinking about the full skirt. This is an absolute classic.The full skirt was popular in the 50’s becauseof its flattering nature. The fullness hides the big hips and makes waists look smaller. The fuller the skirt the more magic it has on slimming waistlines – and we ladies love our waists slimmer, don’t we?Believe it or not, this skirt was my mother’s (she clearly had some good taste LOL), so i think you can now relate to the title of the post. But she wasn’t from the 50’s though.

In the past couple of months, i had given prints a break until i came across this shirt. WOW. Need i say more? I don’t think so. It was one of those ”in the moment” decisions i usually make when i wake up without a planned outfit, and once i wore the shirt with…

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