Thursday blues

I am currently in bed fighting a bad case of food poisoning. So very not ideal for a Thursday but what can I do about it. I can’t eat anything right now. Just had a pineapple slice and a whole lot of peach tea. Tomorrow though… I must be in top shape. Staying in bed all day is such a strange thing to do on a weekday.

I am using today to rest, restore my form and listen to the radio. It’s been eons since I last listened to the radio. I see they keep the accents coning till date. I just listened to THE most senseless thing right now. There’s this Saints and Sinners thing and this young man just said “Hugh Hefner is a sinner because nudes are being pulled out of Playboy magazines”. I think this is why I don’t listen to radio. I mean -this is where we are at right now. I barely watch TV and I hardly listen to the radio which is really weird because as a child, I was obsessed with TV and radio. I think if there is a form of media that cages the mind, its got to be the TV. That’s just my opinion.


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In fact I think I have TV schedule for my future kids who will only watch TV when they are 18 or 20 or never. You have to admit that television cripples creativity and conditions you to see the world from a prescribed angle and of course behave accordingly, become complacent with situations you wouldn’t ordinarily tolerate.., you know how that story goes.



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I’d like to think that I was exposed as a child as did many of my peers. We grew up in better days. I remember so vividly one of my childhood best friends used to watch TV only when she came to my house. Believe me if her parents wanted to buy 30 flatscreens, they would have without hurting their pockets at all. She didnt have a TV at her house, something that didnt bother me because all we did was play and climb hills and eat peculiar sweet plants and make bridges in the sand with little bamboo sticks, be kwepena champions-you know…be sweet little kids. I thought she was and still is the funniest, funnest, most creative,  intelligent, most refreshing person I have ever met in my life. I wanted to be like her when I was little. As I grew up, I started to learn that I obviously wasnt living. I wanted dolls advertised on Cartoon work and by God’s grace, I got them. I wanted a life out this little box like my life depended on it. While this girl read about amazingness and discovered the world in the most adventurous way, I was screaming about irrelevance, throwing tantrums aver trivial issues and generally for lack of better diction-being an absolute little shit.


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I believe I only got smarter when I graduated from that stage. Here’s the thing-the media as we might already know is a perfect tool for social conditioning.  No one has the time to go door to door brainwashing people anymore. It’s tedious! Television on the other keeps things interesting. Its a perfect platform.  TV is fine-im not saying throw out your unnecessarily large screen out the window, I’m only asking that you have some controls in place when it comes to the time you spend watching it. Read a book, talk to people, go outside, go to Coursera or Alison and learn something new, dance in the rain, learn a new skill, look for art, mentor someone, be mentored, go to Church/Mosque, talk to yourself, cook something nice, work out, meditate, go on an adventure. Basically-LIVE.


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Now I must gather the energy to eat another pineapple slice and find my yellow fever booklet which obviously grew legs without asking first.

Also if you are on Shazam right now, check out Taylor swift’s playlist.  Good form, pretty electric, you will definitely finish the afternoon off on a high.

Stay gold



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  1. urukak says:

    Please send your childhood best friend’s number, I need a tv πŸ™‚ Cheers

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