When you decide to understand how the real world works…

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This post is a result of a conversation I had with my feisty little niece called Sheena on Saturday night. Well the conversation had other parties; her mother, my daddy and her brother Kieran. Now we all know what ka shine-o is. Yeah-when your face is as oily as shellfish. Her mother let’s her know what her facial situation is like to which Sheena in her comic fashion responds, “this is not ka shine-o or whatever you’re calling it. We call it Vazo…get it? Vaseline?”

Even in the days we had daso for soda and chapo for chapatti, never had I ever heard of Vazo. I took another five minutes recovering from fits of laughter.

See, when we are young like my niece, it’s alright to say such things and still feel like you just dropped the most profound lines in the universe. I know I felt that way when my brother went to MACOS while I was still in City Parents identifying various gills on a fish and writing compositions about my Christmas holidays with illustrations, I took 10 whole minutes to draw. he’d return home to teach me the new slang that the cool older kids were using which in turn was taken to my school so I could show that I was among the chosen few that had some insight into the life and times of secondary school life.

I was only a child then. So if someone older had me order for a daso, it would not be as alarming as finding a 23 year old using the same word.

Of course we have moved on from using such slang. In fact we cringe at the thought that once upon a time we felt like little gods when we used such words.

I am happy that we do not say daso anymore. Really. I am


So why am I making you cringe? because as much as we scream about unemployment rates in Africa and most importantly Uganda, we also need to understand that the problem starts with us. Yes, the employers are asking 23 year olds to present 5 years of experience, 4 certifications and the ability to time travel and shape shift but the prospective workforce is not much to write home about.

I understand that some of us are studying 4-5 years to get a degree. Good. now that we have the degree-first thing we do is have an amazing party. Parents do it strategically-to just show potential employers who also double as friends that “look here, I have a fine young man/girl who has graduated and needs a job-just help me bro”. the graduate- well I am not sure why they are hyped about a party. I am not hating because I didn’t have a party. I should have had a party- I mean, I did an amazing job, I got THE grades. But when I came back home-I knew it that a celebration was not in order. there was so much to do. in my first week I had a chat with the HR of the first place I worked at. she gave me her thoughts on our little chat.  that was some speech she gave. she thought I was overwhelmingly lax. I had an irritating dreaminess about me and the way I swung in the chair and numerously compared incomparables with the exaggerated use of the word “like” left her with a headache. she genuinely thought I was bright but she needed something more. Safe to say I bought a book on communication skills and used Google to find everything there is on “being professional”. she gave me a few weeks to put myself in order.

I know I am not the only one and the reason I am writing this is because I hope it will help someone out there who wants a better life for themselves. Complacency has no place in the real world. one needs to find the urge somewhere to continuously improve oneself. as you know by now through lengthy instagram quotes and what not, You are the average of the 5 people you spend most your time with. it is imperative that you look at the quality of friendships. you also need to find mentors and accountability partners. people who will see you work to your goals…and by goals banange…I mean goals. Please note that mentors won’t come to you. Mentors normally do not have time. Mentors’ patience also has limits. You have to show that you want this.

Communication skills are important. Juvenile diction is not a thing. No one is interested in the real world in your inability to construct a sentence. In fact people are constantly taken aback when you sound juvenile when they least expect it of you. There are short courses online and so many books on the subject. While you wait for that job or that interview- forget the unprofessional jargon and sharpen your communication skills.

We all know that sometimes a first class doesn’t always get you the job. The way you present yourself, the way you carry yourself and the quality of conversation could be your ticket out the unemployed category. You’re willingness to be better than you were yesterday could be all they needed. The world right now needs someone that’s unique so if they are going to interview the same complacent millenials then we might as well stay singing the unemployment song.

There are the creative ones that create the opportunities but in the event that your family will not provide initial capital, you need a proposal and failure is the least of your fears. You need presentation skills and must be able to engage your potential investor till you get that money. At the end of the day-you need to be impressive. You need to be principled. You need to show that you care about your project. banks are hiking interest rates so no one is going to lend you expensive money if they do not believe in your work.

You will also realise that its an every man for himself and God for us all type of world. that is the harsh reality. yes you can choose to stay with the Mother Theresa-esque touch but you need to also remember that aggressiveness is what takes you from point A to B. If all your friends are still at point A and you feel you need to move B-it is perfectly okay to cut your losses and move towards greatness. That story will die out if they really wanted to vent…unless of course they are a special breed but I haven’t met any relevant people that are cross with successful people.RW

I think this  I need to cut this short.

let’s start with that.

Stay gold




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  1. kalio10 says:

    Good Stuff. Very thoughtful

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