Music…makes the people…come together



before we get really confused about the randomness below, click the description and you will be directed to the page with the song.

it’s been one of those weeks where I haven’t done a thing but work and listen to music. Nothing else.

A song i am definitely not losing sleep over

Reminds me of the greatness that is New Day by Jay Z and Kanye

When its settled…you’re going to have his babies

Ralph sent me this today. LOVE IT. Thanks Ralph

I’m turning up the volume when you speak

first thing i heard when i turned the radio on weeks ago

You have got to admit, she has an AMAZING voice

Marc francis taught us Italian #MadeInChelsea

I think she is the next big thing

If it’s not on my wedding playlist then it all ends at the church

Back then in 1924 when we were still in college…Saturdays in Arnold’s house

Got me feelin’ some type of way

People who call themselves rockstars when they’re obviously not

Kelly Rowland

Futures made of virtual insanity now

….She had the most amazing…smile

I watched this movie…shit plot…dying spy father, a daughter more irritating than the plot-but this song saved the day

My family is in love with this woman. Btw guys…where is this CD??

Did they ever find the couple on the train….you know…the guy proposed and heart melted-just for a little bit

Rendez-vous, rendez-vous, rendez-vous au prochain règlement

Yoooouuuu in the middle

Has been my fave song from Uganda for the longest time

Before droves get into Legends…when the music still makes sense

Tell me a tale

Breakfast at Cafesserie πŸ™‚

Tushabe Rukeeba Joseph brought me here

Currently my fave song.

Reminds me of Tush….he made up the lyrics…



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