Arrivederci 2015, Salve 2016

#np Shake yo bam bam-Sauti Sol

Good afternoon Lovers of Liberty…I mean Life.

I will speak for myself. This has been a great year. I moved out in February. I quit my job in May and interned for two months for an amazing designer who is still one of my role models and then got my dream job in August-yes I am blogging from the office but I cannot complain. I’m having some wine so -no complaints.

I tried to live more. I learnt the importance of being honest with myself. That severed a few ties but also helped me make up with old friends who had become distant. I have less social anxiety and appreciate myself more and what my soul needs is always priority.

I am still learning, still growing, still dreaming, still messing up. I want my 2016 to be a year of selflessness. I want us to be able to join hands and minds and make it a better year for the less fortunate in 2016. I saw this story on Facebook the other day about a lady who fed her family of 9(her inclusive) on half a kilogram of rice and nakati for Christmas and it broke me into pieces. I tried to tweet the NBS reporter on how this family can be helped continuously but I may get that response next decade so any ideas on how we can get to such people is most welcome. I believe every little helps. this family survives on 3000/= daily so imagine the difference 10,000/= and a fund to keep the 8 kids in school can do. We can’t save everyone but we can always start from somewhere.

I am sure everyone has had their dose of lessons this year. We’ve lost some, we’ve gained some. I pray 2016 will be better. Let’s be kinder, stronger, calmer, more mindful, happier, more positive and more accommodative of others. Let’s buy more experiences than things. Let’s open ourselves up to learning more and achieving more. Let’s be selfless and selfish when the need arises. Let’s be honest with ourselves and be at peace with who we are. Let’s kick out self pity and stretch ourselves-there’s no such thing as a limit.

I wish everyone an amazing 2016. A year full of love, happiness, amazing friendships, beautiful health, wealth, fulfilment and every kind of blessing you’ve asked God for. have a safe NYE-you just might make out with the man/woman you marry or whatever works for you.



(got this off tumblr)

HAPPY 2016 people.

stay gold.




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