Our generation lives on dreams. As all generations have. The only difference is other generations took action. We have a good time painting the sky blue and leaving things at that.

I am a dreamer and for the most part of my life, these dreams have come true. I thank God because if things didnt work out, I’d probably be the most depressed person on the planet. But the thing is they didn’t work out until I put the wishful thinking to the side and did some work.

I am just worried that the movies, tv shows, the literature we read and the motivational speakers of our time lead us to believe that the wishing part is most important.  Which it should be, except that we have been entitled to a better life and could ride a little bit more on our parents’ input sometimes. And if it’s not that, then we live vicariously through other people who have it going on so well for them. Reality doesn’t really set in for us so here we are “dreaming big because dreams have got to scare you if they’re dreams at all”.

This mentality makes us so bloody relaxed because this faith we have in our dream must be the size of China. That’s life as we know it. Pray Until Something Happens, Dream Big, Have great faith, make manifest. This is all great and I encourage practicioners of these various disciplines to keep at it, but at what point do we give God and the universe a break and create our reality? And roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty? When do we do something we want to perfect over and over again till we get it right? When do we stop looking at rejection like it’s the end of life? When do we get that famous drawing board anyway? At what point do we say enough is enough, this is my life and I can’t leave things to chance? At what point do alarms start going off at 3am because you need to draw up a new strategy to get what you want out of life? At what point do we spare time to learn more about our craft?

At what point do we strip ourselves of this madness and understand that the power is all in the actions?

I’ve been watching so many videos and listening to podcasts on the subject and it makes every bit of sense.

We all need to grow up!


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  1. skaheru says:

    You are quite right – and I have shared this with my children as I believe it’s a message best appreciated when one is still in one’s formative years.


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