Eggs x Pumpkin


#np Cake by the ocean-DCNE

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday. I was until 20 minutes ago when I realised all the salmon in the house was finished. I haven’t been paid yet so that trip to Cantine di Vino will have to wait.

That aside, I have another simple recipe. Probably going to cost you just 5 minutes of your life. This is for all of us, that do not have the energy and the time to stay in the kitchen for days.

What do you need?
3 eggs
Olive oil
Steamed pumpkin
Black pepper

That’s it.
Step 1: pre heat the pan

Step 2: this is the part where I started looking for a plate and a folk and knife and some salt and some chocolate. Lesson: be more organised.

Basically you just need to break the eggs in the pan of warm olive oil. I do not like my eggs overdone. That’s just my preference. Moving on, I decided to break all the eggs and wrap them so the yolks are in the middle. I like to surprise myself sometimes…you know when the yolk pours out and you’re like…”das what I’m talkin’ about”

About the pumpkin. We, Ugandans, cook bananas aka the Great Matooke on a charcoal stove. We wrap these bananas in what we call endagala, which is basically banana leaves of all shapes, sizes and patterns. And we normally steam greens, sweet potatoes, yams and pumpkins together with the matooke. That’s the humble origin of this pumpkin.

I am not a big pumpkin fan but with this experimental recipe, I think it pairs well with eggs.  The perfect balance of the sweetness of the pumpkin and the light saltiness of the eggs. It’s everything. The pumpkin should just be lightly heated on a pan with a few drops of olive oil. Nothing serious, just that.

Then the best part….Sprinkle the eggs and the pumpkin with black pepper. Every kitchen must have black pepper. It gives the much needed pop to the simplest meals.

So yes, that’s it. Simple. Filling. Lots of protein obviously. Perfect pairing of food.
And now I’m off to catch up on everything I haven’t watched in forever.


Have a beautiful week guys and remember to stay hydrated.

Stay gold



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