Dear Participating Restaurants,


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Hey guys,


As you already know the famous Kampala Restaurant Week, Pearl guide’s brainchild, and maybe the best thing to happen to us since sliced bread is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. Good food. New cuisines. Amazing rates and for some restaurants, twice the effort… also-I always make some new amazing friends during restaurant week-maybe it’s the wine, I don’t know. In fact, I have already started putting some money on the side because I intend to heavily indulge in this period. I am not here to tell you what you already know though. I am just here to talk to the good people that will give us a culinary experience we ought to remember.

Dear Participating Restaurants, I just want to remind you to focus on a few things aside the hype that comes from the hashtag #KlaRestaurantWeek following your restaurant’s good name.

  1. Client facing staff should undergo a one week…[or month and a half for some] refresher course on customer service. Right from the security guards/ gatemen to the waiters and managers. Anyone who sulks or looks tired should be allowed a week’s leave because as you may already know, we are paying for a service here. No one is interested in the numerous problems your staff may have because as you may already know, we are trying to devise ways of saving our dear Mulago Hospital while also funding a momentous purchase of a porn detecting machine which we really really really really…REALLY need right now.


  1. It is really irritating to hear about this one dish made by St Peter himself, involving chives planted only in heaven’s gardens, from 38 people only to come to your establishment two days into the program and it is out of stock for the rest of the week. I understand that for business sense, sometimes you can’t anticipate that kind of demand but this is not an ordinary week so do not be ordinary even with the stock. I really do not want to live vicariously through other people on just day 2. You have until June to come up with a re order level that works for everybody.


  1. Sometimes, little details as promised on the menu are left out by mistake and you may think that we do not notice. We do. Kindly note that savage behaviour is on the rise, so beware. So as you plate, ensure that everything spelt out on the menu is being served. Just take a little bit more time if you must but get it done right.


  1. The waiters should know the ingredients of the meals on the menu. It is a little unsettling waiting another 12 hours for a waiter to find out from the chef what is in the food. I know it’s not the waiter’s job to know every little condiment in the kitchen but I also do not plan on entering another kitchen in this lifetime seeking information. This time, I may not have the patience. A brief idea of the ingredients is all we need plus no one likes mechanical wait staff. Every single waiter and waitress should be well versed with the program and confident enough to engage in related conversation.


  1. Anyone who is planning on serving an assortment of sea food should really be prepared to serve an ASSORTMENT of sea food. Keep the proportion related jokes for later.


  1. The managers of these fine establishments should do some yoga; stretching the spine and strengthening cores this month and the next because they might be on their feet all day. Why? Because they need to collect as much feedback from the good people that come to visit. Like I have always said, feedback is the breakfast for champions. It will be much easier to correct any faults on your end in good time if you are around to hear from the people receiving the service. Also, mind your posture-always be in state.


  1. Your washrooms, please. Just in case your food bangs a little more than anticipated.


  1. As much as you are in business to make money, I think it’s more important that you think of this as one of the more costly marketing strategies for the year. You must over deliver if that’s a thing. Bring your A Game. Make people want to stay if they could. Make your mark now.


Well, that’s all I can come up with right now. Not anything out of the ordinary so I pray the participants in this restaurant week find it  relevant.


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  1. MamaKLA says:

    I second everything you have written!! Thank you!!

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  2. Mozes says:

    Spot on…..

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