The thing about debt…

As a finance major, I appreciate debt financing  and how it has grown over the years. But I am not a professor and I surely do not want to bore you with information you can freely find on the internet. So why am I here talking about debt? (image from Google) Well, just last week, a newspaper … Continue reading The thing about debt…


The Future of African Beauty

Wolf + Moroko

wolfandmoroko The Future of African Beauty

Currently in Africa, the personal care and beauty markets are some of the fastest growing. Companies like Estée Lauder, Unilever and L’Oreal, have heavily invested in the continent, creating new product ranges to capture the expanding middle classes.

As a beauty blogger, looking at the industry, I’ve noticed some developments. I love how women are approaching beauty – there is a trend toward accepting yourself and embracing self care. Our life expectancy is only going to rise, and we want our golden years to be healthy and active. Looking and feeling good is essential, so the health and well-being movement is here to stay.

African beauty enthusiasts are also embracing new safe and effective technologies. In the next decade, I predict that technology will continue to play a huge role in what products will be developed and in our overall health management. With apps like Tress and BreastIT, it’s clear that this is only the beginning.


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