#KlaRestaurantWeek 1. Wild Orchid

I have been on a mission to look for beautiful spots where you can go with friends have some wine and crack up to some Rebel Wilson jokes. Seriously, if you haven’t watched How To Be Single, you haven’t lived. Okay not that it is out of this world great, but if you’re looking for a funny and somewhat cute movie, I think you might love this one enough to watch it twice in one weekend

…or that’s just me.

Moving on…

Wild Orchid partnered with The Food Library to make some really amazing food. The first thing to note is the location. Its at Kintu Road, opposite Imperial Royale…where the Pearl Guide offices are located. Very convenient for people especially those working in the CBD. it’s a spot to go for lunch and enjoy some peace and quiet especially if you work in high pressure environments or you just need some place to meditate for a bit before you jump back into sending emails and writing reports.


The service is impeccable. The owner, Bindu is a charming lady that makes her rounds to make sure everyone is happy and have some light but great convo the waiters are also very warm and easy to talk to. Hannat, the lovely chef is quite the busy bee here as she mans the kitchen, makes magic, manages the place- I don’t know what else you need to hear/read to hand her some accolades for that kind of hard work.


The food? The food is amazing. There was a little incident where the house salad was erroneously added to the meal I ordered for. I, in my usual fashion, inquired as to why this was the case but Bindu came to the rescue and got me a house salad followed with umpteen apologies, which is how we ended up becoming friends. I appreciated how the waiter and Bindu handled the situation. Very professional people.


That house salad gave me all kinds of life.

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Stack. This had pesto (which I sorta had to look for- maybe I just love pounds of pesto), parmesan covered grilled chicken breasts, served in a layered stack of vegetables served with mashed potatoes. Chicken breasts were tender though a little less salty for my taste. Vegetables remained looking like vegetables and tasting like vegetables with all the good things vegetables have to offer. The mashed potatoes? Consistent texture.


The fresh house salad? Definition of fresh, like they just got the vegetables from the garden. A chilli sauce was also availed which I fell in love with. Forget akabanga and all that good stuff on the market. I will definitely go back to ask for some details on its preparation because it was quite the spice for that chicken.


That chilli bangs!

Let me know what you think when you visit.



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  1. John Doe says:

    “Chicken breasts were tender though a little less salty for my taste.” Cheers Mate

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    1. looooooooooooooool idiot


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