Conversations Over Cocktails

Sundays are the perfect day to laze around and/or stay in bed and/or exert yourself the least. Even God requires us to rest on Sunday. I prefer going to mass on Saturday evening so I can comfortably have the DND sign on my door without too many questions- lol just kidding, I am an African child, your door can be opened even at 5 in the morning for a brief lecture and/or a list of things to be done before 5 10am-better yet, doors can be broken down because you didn’t build houses and have no right to close doors with DND signs.

Moving on swiftly, last Sunday I had brunch with some old friends at Rider’s Lounge. It’s Kampala cocktail week so it was just fitting that we just meet up over a few cocktails and some food(which was technically not the best choice for brunch…i’ll let my friend, Zerida tell you all about that here.


PS: there was little to no alcohol so I could handle this cocktail business well.

The Guavaragi
The Appleragi (…which was probably the best cocktail on the menu)



Great conversation and even better vibes were the order of the day. A conversation about appreciation of our roots ensued and our experiences growing up in relation to the subject. We spoke about how important it is to teach our kids to appreciate culture and completely eradicate any kind of inferiority complex kids have because they aren’t light enough-you know how that story goes.



We spoke about the importance of making use of our mother tongues. We all grew up at a time when you were punished for speaking Luganda at school. One school I went to had a speech card and you’d write the words you used and then stand in the middle of the school, or scrub a road, or scrub a trench or use tiny sticks to remove moss on walls because you spoke your mother tongue. If that is not ridiculous I don’t know what is…also I am still so salty from all the punishments from THAT school. Hi kids, speaking your mother tongue is NOT LOCAL…what does that word even mean?

Rants aside, it was amazing catching up with these ladies and meeting new ones. I’d really love to make this brunch thing a permanent plan. One way to get me out of bed before midday on a Sunday? Invite me to things like this….just make sure the gin bangs, the food is divine…and the chilli isn’t watered down.

Have a beautiful week guys.

Stay gold,



Photo taken by Claire Mponye

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  1. Nice read…
    We must have been OGs .. Or least both Ugandans..😂
    That’s why I am into the habit of talking to my 10 month old son in Luganda though he is a “Mbabazi” am,not about to be called proud when I pass by Mukono to visit my relatives.
    I have actually left the Rukiga for dad who doesn’t even speak it but uses English 24/7 apparently because his professional ethics dedicated so


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