Back from the break!

Hey good people 🙂

I hope you are all well and striving to live your best lives, listening to great music and eating the best food. Because that’s what life should be about.

I, on the other hand just got back from a much needed hiatus from writing which was great because I did what most 25 year olds do. Go to work, go to school, watch a bunch of shows [repeating Happy Endings and Men at work 800 times], momentarily lose my mind and decide to like someone’s son, have a mini heartbreak which made me wonder why I decided to even look at boys when I had decided in my more intelligent youthful years that it wasn’t necessary, leave texts on read, eat everything in sight, lose only 4kg after eating like a whale, see a therapist, revaluate my life decisions, drink, stop drinking, drink again, promise not to even look at a drink again, start working out, take better care of myself, eat less ice cream, work on my relationship with God-you know what, the list is endless.

Honestly, it’s been a good run. I can honestly stand here and thank God for the last 7 months. Something about the chaos has really taught me calmness and taking things in stride. It’s also brought me closer to good people. I have learned a lot about forgiveness which is the best present you can give yourself ever. I keep saying that to people when they bring up all the petty things they’d want to do to get back at someone and it has a had a 99.9789% success rate because finally that time used in crafting great comebacks has been put into generating income, glo ups or something equally important.

Did I do some growing up while I was away? You bet. I decided to be about the best vibes only-which has been working great except that one time I asked the universe for someone to send me red velvet cake at work and nothing happened. But that aside, I have been a happy go lucky person, full of energy, positive vibes and all that good stuff Leslie from Parks and Rec is made of. I have tried to keep in touch with old friends, make new amazing ones and also play with random babies I find in the public space which was never really my thing because babies tend to squeal a lot and pass on a slight headache and horrendous colds. I am  also working on time keeping especially regarding weekend meet ups because I really love my bed and its the damn weekend- who doesn’t want to sleep in till 3pm? I am more deliberate about my day and my spending so I deviate less from what I set out to do with my time and money and now I am going to be more consistent with growing my hair, going to church every Sunday, having a Sunday cookout every now and then so I can bask in all the good energy everyone else brings to those things and be more open to new life experiences- the ones that do not involve more idiotic decisions and living life on the edge like boda guys.

Well, now I must go back to work but I send you love, light and happiness.

Thanks for stopping by.



PS: Who is watching Girlboss?




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    1. Agatha says:

      Amazingly said…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you Agatha


  1. Sheba Byamugisha says:

    I have giggled throughout this read. My life has been relatively identical the past couple of months.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. karen says:

    Welcome back! Been meaning to ask when you’d make the grand comeback 🙂 Nice to see that you pretty much live my life “[repeating Happy Endings and Men at work 800 times]” this is me right here…lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaahah hi Karen, I hope you are well. Men at Work and Happy Endings are such great entertainment. Starting the Good Wife tonight. I know I am so late to that party


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