Eat Your Way To Health!

This post is basically a casting call for the Going In Style remake that we will do in another 50 years. I’m trying to keep us here longer. No we won’t be robbing a bank like Morgan Freeman and his friends. Nothing obscene-but i promise that we will have the time of our lives and our movie will have the highest ratings in history.

Read on if that’s something you are up for!

We live in a fast paced world where we barely have time for even ourselves. The biggest trap of our time is we are really convinced we hardly have time which has given birth to a host of inventions like swift communication, eCommerce and even a preference for fast food. We prefer to stay in the kitchen for the shortest time or not visit the place at all. You go to a drive through and in two minutes, voila- you are the proud owner of a bag of delectables.

This shift in lifestyle unfortunately hasn’t been oh so rosy because with that, a litany of health complications that were previously diagnosed mostly in the older population are now becoming a song in the more youthful population. Hypertension, diabetes, strokes, cancers are on the rise in the younger generation and while food is not the only cause, it seems to be doing pretty well in the top three reasons as to why this is happening aside genetics and just plain bad luck. The truth of the matter is we need to appreciate health while we have it because if you do ignore it, it will go away. Fast.

I had the opportunity of visiting the Red5 offices in Muyenga on Sunday evening. The visit left me feeling quite uneasy about what I eat and the processing before I plate it and call it a meal. But with the uneasiness came a free education and I would only be as bad as Hitler if I did not share this with you guys.

At Red5, food is cooked using Saladmaster cookware which is made up to standard to ensure that the user can use it for a lifetime which is more than enough time if you ask me but most importantly maintains the nutritional value of food. We have been taught to boil food like the germs live on past the boiling point of water and use oils which as I came to learn become toxic once they reach their respective boiling points. For example, I learnt that cooking with olive oil is bad news because it changes composition when heated to its boiling point. Isn’t it also cumbersome to keep up with boiling points and running around with thermometers just to make sure you aren’t feeding on something toxic?

Well here’s the magic guys. With this cookware, I actually had a meal for the first time that was cooked without water or oil. None of that-and it was not boring at all as many of us imagine healthy food to be because the concept of eating healthy has been grossly misrepresented with bland food that has little to no character. The cookware has several different types of pans-the salad master being most fascinating to me because vegetables can be chopped up in pretty patterns and shapes in a very short time which is a great deal of help if you have to make a mixed vegetable salad for so many people as fast as possible.

The cookware is made with titanium, one of the most precious metals in the world. You also won’t need a separate non-stick pan because these pans also come with that. The most important advantage of them all is that you can cook the food in half as much time as it usually takes-I mean I witnessed a cake bake in the shortest time ever and it tasted divine. In under 30 minutes, we made a mixed vegetable salad, steamed cabbage, butternut squash, plantain, irish potatoes and baked a cake. Where they do that at?



As you can see, time becomes an irrelevant factor and you can get back to eating healthy food whose processing time is far from hectic. If cooking food is a regular task you are still not up for, you can also order the Red5lunchbox. Starting price for meals is UGX22,000 and they also have a monthly package of UGX440,00 and a weekly plan for UGX125,000. To make orders you can call 0393-217647.

For more information regarding orders and the Salad master cookware, visit Red 5 offices in Muyenga on Kalungi close or visit their social media pages that is Twitter @red5lunchbox and Facebook; Red5 Lunchbox


I leave you with a quote from Karen Lamb to get you on your healthy lifestyle journey. β€œA year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Thanks for passing by and hope I will be seeing you in the remake.




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